General Medicine

At pranaam hospitals the department of general medicine deals with the diagnosis, management and nonsurgical treatment of unusual or serious diseases.
Services covered under General Medicine are listed below

  • Infectious diseases, concerned with disease caused by a biological agent such as by a virus, bacterium or parasite

  • Gastroenterology, concerned with the field of digestive diseases

  • Cardiology, dealing with disorders of the heart and blood vessels

  • Endocrinology, dealing with disorders of the endocrine system and its specific secretions called hormones

  • Haematology, concerned with blood, the blood-forming organs and its disorders
    Nephrology, dealing with the study of the function and diseases of the kidney

  • Sleep medicine, dealing with the sleep disturbances and disorder

  • Sports medicine, injuries related to participating in sports and/or exercise

  • Intensive care medicine, concerned with the provision of life support or organ support systems in patients who are critically ill and who usually require intensive monitoring,Adolescent medicine, dealing with the eating disorders, sexually transmitted disease, unintended pregnancy etc

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