At pranaam the department of Orthopaedics having a reputed team of surgeons dealing with the injuries related to musculoskeletal system.

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The most common procedures performed by our surgeons are as follows:

  • Knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy

  • Shoulder arthroscopy and decompression

  • Carpal tunnel release

  • Knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty

  • Removal of support implant

  • Knee arthroscopy and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

  • Knee replacement

  • Repair of femoral neck fracture

  • Repair of trochanteric fracture

  • Debridement of skin/muscle/bone/fracture

  • Knee arthroscopy repair of both menisci

  • Hip replacement

  • Shoulder arthroscopy/distal clavicle excision

  • Repair of rotator cuff tendon

  • Repair fracture of radius (bone)/ulna

  • Laminectomy

  • Repair of ankle fracture (bimalleolar type)

  • Shoulder arthroscopy and débridement

  • Lumbar spinal fusion

  • Repair fracture of the distal part of radius

  • Low back intervertebral disc surgery

  • Incise finger tendon sheath

  • Repair of ankle fracture (fibula)

  • Repair of femoral shaft fracture

  • Repair of trochanteric fracture

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